Into the vague is an installative and explorative dance performance which was elaborated in collaboration with the dancer Mirjam Bührer.

From the beginning on, dance and light were set on equal footing. The origination process was thereby characterised by questions like:
How does light influences the movement qualities and choreography? How can the light and the dancer interact as two equivalent entities? How can space be created and dissolved and the dancing body be de-materialized?

Duration: 20min
Co-production with Tanzplan Ost and Phoenix Theater Steckborn

Shows 2016:
- Lokremise, St, Gallen
- Tanzraum, Herisau
- Tanzhaus, Zürich
- TAK Theater, Lichtenstein
- Tanzfestival Winterthur
- Theater Chur
- Phoenix, Theater, Steckborn



Official Trailer

Trailer by Kristian Breitenbach